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How can we help you?

Your voice matters. We will connect, develop, nurture, celebrate and encourage your ideas, visions, and voices to be heard at a local, national, and international level.

Your personal and professional development will be supported, and celebrated.

We embrace maverick thinkers. In the spirit of true entrepreneurial thinking, we encourage innovation, trying and failing and trying again.

Your go-to place for anyone thinking, starting, or growing a business.


# Your first port of contact for Third Culture Individuals living in the UK. A haven where you will be provided with support, guidance and connections with like-minded people.

# We encourage mentorship and skill development from established corporations and existing business leaders. You are invited to share your knowledge, by sponsoring our Third Culture Members and incorporate them into your supply chain or in employment.

# We embrace the following core Values and Culture of play, authenticity courage, entrepreneurship, innovation, education, sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity.

Core Activities

We offer presentation classes to help you build your confidence, plus core personal and business development training available for VIP members.

We will provide you with opportunities to write for our newsletters, be interviewed on our podcasts, be showcased on our social media & website, share opportunities for awards, PR and finally the opportunity to represent SYMBL as an Ambassador in your city.

We host think tanks, masterminds and brainstorming sessions to help you shape your ideas into a practical, profit-generating business. Monthly networking and targeted events will be offered to our members.

We will supply you with all the basics you need to know about starting out in a new country, how to rent, get a job, buy a car, right to work, and start a business, plus join our friendship groups, to help you settle in and integrate into the community.

Opportunity For Third Culture Individuals

Fact: The UK population growth over the 10-year period is projected to be driven by a net 2.2 million people migrating to the UK.

SYMBL's solutions

Our Committees

SYMBL CIC is here for Third Culture Individuals and business owners to join our membership where their passions and interests will be appreciated, nurtured and developed.

Our Information

Information, specific to your needs will be shared monthly, via newsletters, podcasts and social media outlets.

Our Safe Space

We offer a safe space for you to share your opinions and ideas via think tanks and roundtable discussions amongst your peers.

Our Programmes

We offer training and mentorship programmes for you to enhance your chosen professional careers

Level Up

At SYMBL CIC we embrace and encourage an Entrepreneurial mindset. Our members will be the first to know about government grants, funding, investment and educational opportunities. Your personal and business growth is important to us.

“The support that Lynn from Symbl is providing valuable mentoring support for Young People and address a gap in support for Young People,”
Susan Harkins, Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, SOSE.
“Lynn is an enthusiastic and committed entrepreneur who is dedicated to supporting the business leaders of tomorrow. Through Symbl, Lynn has created a model that not only provides mentoring for young people but uses inclusivity and diversity to build an ecosystem that stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation,”
Stuart McDowall, Head of Innovation & STEM, City of Glasgow College.
"I think Symbl is a fantastic idea and Lynn has the passion and drive to deliver it effectively. My eldest son showed entrepreneurial tendencies from an early age and I struggled to get the support he needed from his school or anywhere else at the time. It's a pity something like Symbl wasn’t around for him then”
Gill McIntosh, businesswoman and mother.
'Having spoken with Lynn at length regarding the content and scope of what she would bring to pupils of Perth & Kinross, we as a school would embrace this opportunity to offer our young people a bespoke package which would ensure they are given the skills, support and encouragement to believe in their own abilities and to follow an entrepreneurial pathway. The elements of SYMBL cover all of the experiences contained within the Perth & Kinross ‘wider achievement entitlements - Key Theme 2 - Enterprise and Creativity’.
Liz Edington, DYW Project Coordinator| Perth Grammar School & PKC Education & Children’s Services.
“I would certainly recommend it. I would say that is a course where children have the opportunity to develop practical ideas for businesses but also to get an overview of what it entails. Very often people talk about businesses in very general terms but not so often are aware of the nitty gritty, and this course seems to cover all the aspects to give children a good footing on the business world (whatever the product is).”
Rosaria and Will Gracia.

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