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SYMBL Membership pricing

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Free Content (£0 per annum)

Access SYMBL free content opportunities

Young People (£120 per annum)

Youth (15 – 22)

We will teach you all you need to know about entrepreneurship, personal development, and mentorship. This will be delivered online in a fun and relaxed environment. We understand your pain points. We believe in you.

What we don’t want for you is to look back 3 years down the line and say – I should have…

Join SYMBL today and get that freedom you deserve! Speak to us to find out about sponsorship opportunities.

Young Professionals (£180 per annum)

Young Professionals (23–45): We will provide you with target networking events, masterminds groups, mentorship, and entrepreneurship training. Whether you are interested in starting or growing your business and simply wanting to build your profile and visibility online, we can help you in your caree

Multinationals / expats (£180 per annum)

We will be your first port of call arriving in Scotland and England, sharing the local culture with you, signpost you to the relevant suppliers and legalities about living here, getting a job, bank account etc. We also offer friendship groups and of course – we teach you everything about starting a business here in Scotland.