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1-2-1 Coaching: 12-month program.

Are you experiencing a period of great transition in your life? When we go through extended periods of change, we can start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or even a little depressed. When you feel like there is no end in sight, this can lead to imposter syndrome and even burnout, and we don’t want that for you. I have been where you are, twice, just in case I missed anything special the first time around. A balanced life was elusive and so was getting off the hamster wheel.

And that is why I created the Ten Commandments to Become Unstoppable program so that you don’t have to go through what I experienced.

This 6-12 month coaching program is designed to help ambitious and driven individuals like you to silence the imposter syndrome and avoid burnout, by gaining control over your thoughts and behavior’s and unleashing your inner CEO. My personalized approach focuses on helping you become self-aware, through practicing mindfulness, ACT and practical strategies to foster synergy between your personal and professional life.

“Ten Commandments for Change” program.

The Ten Commandments is a step-by-step program to master Change effectively so that you can lead yourself and your team with Confidence and increase productivity and engagement.

You will learn how to Challenge your Comfort zone to move you from a place of fear-driven thoughts into a place of Curiosity while building the Courage to Change and gaining the Clarity and Commitment to Conquer your fears and reminding you to continuously Celebrate your successes.

This program is the fastest and most effective way to gain clarity, confidence & commitment so that you can take back control of your thoughts, life and actions and become unstoppable – for good.

You will discover what truly matters to you.

  • We’ll work on identifying and overcoming any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, such as negative self-talk or a fear of failure.
  • You will develop a deep sense of self-awareness, inner resilience, and the confidence to commit to your goals with courage. I will help you move from a place of fear-driven decision to a place of curiosity, where you will uncover your value sets, strengths, and purpose.
  • We’ll create a customized action plan for the next 90 days to help you achieve the success you deserve, both in your personal and professional life.
  • You will refine your business goals, package your services effectively, and supercharge your strategy to take your business or career to new heights.
  • But this program is about more than just achieving external success.
  • It’s about rediscovering what success truly means to you and experiencing a mindset shift that will transform all areas of your life. You’ll feel more authentic and joyful in everything you do, making success and happiness more attainable than ever before.

If you’re ready to take control of your life and become unstoppable, I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Let’s work together to create a life of balance, happiness, and a life lived on purpose.

This program is available for individuals and corporates to offer team members going through change, such as a new position or change in the job role.

What you will learn:

Comfort Zone

Discover what your Comfort Zone is and why it's holding you back from achieving your full potential. We'll explore the science behind motivation and how to tap into your Drive, Enthusiasm, and Passion to push beyond your limits.

Challenge Zone

Get equipped with powerful tools to challenge your limiting beliefs, assumptions, and mindset. Overcome the fear that's been holding you back from taking risks and achieving greatness.


Unlock the power of curiosity and approach change with excitement and adventure instead of fear and uncertainty. Begin your Self-Awareness Journey through the practice of Mindfulness and gain a deeper understanding of your inner self.


Lack of clarity can lead to stress, overwhelm, and unhappiness. Discover your core values and strengths, and establish your purpose to gain clarity and direction in your life.


Overcome your biggest fear - fear itself - and develop the courage to achieve the impossible. Learn the art of self-compassion, reframe your negative self-talk, and adopt the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to conquer your fears.


Master the art of being open-minded, adaptable, and resilient to create new thoughts, habits, and routines that lead to positive change. Take control of your life and transform your thoughts, behaviours, and habits to achieve your goals.


Develop self-assurance, belief in your abilities, and trust in your judgment. Build the confidence to tackle new challenges with assurance and approach opportunities with a positive mindset. Learn the art of resilience and setting achievable goals to become the best version of yourself.


Make a deliberate choice to be accountable and responsible for your actions, persevere in pursuit of your goals, and achieve success in personal and professional endeavours. Develop self-discipline, focus, and resilience to stay committed to your goals, even when the going gets tough.


Consistency helps you to adapt to change by providing you with reliable patterns to implement new and unknown changes. It is easier for us to give up and revert to our original state if we don’t know where to start, what to do, or how to approach the change, causing confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty. That is why taking small, consistent steps towards change can help you to build momentum and even allow you to see the progress in change over time. Having self-discipline, support and a routine is essential to help you stay on course.


Set achievable goals for yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. Make your celebrations personal, meaningful, and aligned with your values. Learn the art of seeing the lighter side of life and include gratitude and humor in everyday life.

This program is available for individuals and corporates to offer team members going through change, such as a new position or change in the job role.

Course Title: Cultural Intelligence

This course is designed to help leaders and managers to develop a deep understanding of different cultures, communication styles, and behaviours. The course will explore the impact of cultural differences on communication, relationships, and work outcomes. You will learn to analyze and interpret cultural patterns and values and develop skills to communicate effectively with people from different cultures.

1- Intercultural communication theories and frameworks

2-  Cultural dimensions and values

3. Communication styles and patterns

4. Stereotyping and bias

5. Nonverbal communication

6. Conflict resolution

7. Emotional Intelligence for leadership and management

Teambuilding away-days.

Have you experienced major changes in your organization recently and looking to reconnect with your team members? Perhaps productivity, engagement and collaboration are down, due to disruptions. That is when you need a Culture Team Building session, to get your team back on track in a fun, engaging and impactful manner.

How does this work?

  • We will start with a discovery session prior to our teambuilding day. This will help me to understand your organisation and team’s needs, challenges, and desired outcomes.
  • I  go off to design your fun but strategic teambuilding day.
  • We host the teambuilding session – and uncover your team’s superpower.
  • I create your master culture working document, which will guide and remind your team of the values, vision, and goals you all share and the parts they play in their respective roles.

At the end of the day, I will have a deeper understanding of your company culture and suggest a comprehensive and actionable path going forward. I then create and suggest a new set of values, vision, and mission statement, plus a written statement on what your company cultures are. This document you can use to talent who share your vision, and use it in all your branding material, website, and social media.

I will also provide you with my key takeaways from the day, behind-the-scenes “tone of voice”, hidden opportunities, and concerns that were raised on the day. These findings are incredibly powerful that will help you create a winning culture and an unstoppable team that share your vision. An experienced outsider’s perspective is crucial to identify new opportunities and deeper challenges that employers are often too familiar with to notice.


Our Founder has extensive experience and knowledge of company cultures and how to retain your talent and increase your profits.

Three main problems encountered:

1. Talent is feeling unappreciated and becomes overwhelmed.
2. Leaders feel frustrated with unmotivated teams.
3. Unmet expectations lead to talent’s resignation and the cycle continues.

Three things that I assist you with:

1. Understanding your company’s vision and values.
2. Uncovering your team’s strengths.
3. Matching team up with your company’s purpose for a cohesive and unified front.


1. Decreased procrastination and sense of imposter syndrome experienced.
2. Increased happiness and sense of belonging amongst team members.
3. Increased creativity, productivity, and retention = increase in profits.


“The Power of Curiosity”

In a world where everything is turned upside down and change is something we eat for breakfast, some of us can start doubting our abilities and even our purpose in life.

Fear has been the biggest culprit and our favourite one to blame. Whether it is fear of the unknown, the future or even our livelihoods, fear can erode our creativity, motivation, and productivity.

But what if I tell you, that we can make friends with fear because fear is good for us as it keeps us safe and motivates us to change or to find a safer or better environment for us? If utilised properly, fear can be harnessed and turned into curiosity and that is when you become unstoppable.

Key Takeaways:

  • How humans perceive uncertainty, the unknown – the flight or fight ratio of fear and how we can recognise our own biases to move from fear to curiosity.
  • The power of curiosity and how we can cultivate it daily to become more innovative, productive, and adaptable.
  • What is belonging and how can we create unity and inclusion for all– Introducing the Third Culture Individual concept.


  • The audience will walk away with a deeper sense of understanding their own fears and unconscious biases.
  • The audience will gain the clarity, courage and confidence to replace their fear based thoughts with curiosity.
  • The audience will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to activate change in their behaviors for the better
Lynn’s keynote was engaging, charismatic, and relatable. Her enthusiasm came across so much, and she clearly knows what she is talking about. The audience feedback was incredibly strong, as ‘relatable and of value’… a testament of how easy it is to listen to and understand…, given it was at the end of a busy day
Gill Simpson, Marketing & Communications Director, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc
The workshop was fun, engaging, and informative. Lynn brought lots of energy and made sure everyone participated
Emma Reid, Head of Engagement & Marketing, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce
It was very inspiring, it resonated with my own business journey, … to ditch the assumptions, especially if you are stuck in a rut and how you can apply yourself. To not be afraid to challenge yourself and to break the rules.
Razvan Syyed – Director, Sword Finance & Investments
She inspired the team and encouraged them to think outside the box to brainstorm our future vision.
Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Lynn delivered an insightful, engaging, and informative presentation on what a winning company culture is. I couldn't recommend her enough!
Nikita Cliff, Network My Club, Event’s Organiser
She was a breath of fresh air after a period of massive change and growth in our business. Her approach was energetic and unique and provided a great platform for the team to open up
James Goad, CEO, OwenJames Events
Lynn is the ultimate professional with an exuberant personality
Michelle Raymond, CEO, People’s Partner
The workshops were a great success, to be honest just getting the teams together and communicating through your various strategic games was a tonic in itself – it was nice to see everyone relaxing, just being themselves and to feel included
Mandy Ingram, HR, The Glenturret.

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