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More Play More Profit

More Play More Profit

By Lynn Erasmus

In the past three years, leaders and business owners have experienced a significant shift in how they prioritize the mental health of their teams and themselves. Before Covid, profit was the primary focus, but after Covid, there has been a greater emphasis on people.

This shift has been driven by the recognition that happy and healthy employees are the foundation of a successful business.

However, productivity remains at the core, as it is necessary for generating profit.

To ensure productivity, it is essential to care for people’s mental health first, which can be achieved by matching the three Ps of Business with the three Ps of Happiness – Play, Purpose, and Peace.

This means giving our employees the tools and skills they need to be resilient, creative, and fulfilled in their work, which will result in a more productive and engaged team.

Resilience comes from rest and peace, creativity from play and excitement, and fulfilment from having a clear purpose.


The importance of employee satisfaction is quantified by Dr Alex Edmans, a London Business School professor who found that companies with high employee satisfaction tend to outperform those with low satisfaction by 2.3% to 3.8% annually in the long run. Additionally, the National Business Research Institute found that companies with high employee satisfaction have a turnover rate that is 14% lower than companies with low employee satisfaction. These statistics clearly illustrate the importance of creating a positive and healthy workplace culture that prioritizes employee satisfaction.

To promote positive mental health in the workplace, companies need to offer their employees a safe space to grow.

If we encourage employees to engage in activities that promote playfulness and excitement, it can help foster creativity and increase job satisfaction.

Giving employees a sense of purpose by connecting their work to a higher mission can increase engagement and motivation and offering a balanced work/life environment that promotes rest and relaxation can boost resilience and reduce stress.

The most successful organisations offer their employees appropriate resources to support their mental health. This can include access to mental health services, wellness programs, and resources for stress management. Employers can also offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote work or flexible hours, to promote work-life balance.

It is also important to understand the barriers that employees may face in prioritizing their mental health. Fear of the unknown is a significant factor that prevents individuals from stepping out of their comfort zones.

A survey conducted in 2017 found that 90% of 35-55-year-old Brits prefer to remain in their comfort zones, even though almost half of them know they will regret it one day.

To help individuals overcome these barriers, employers can provide training and development opportunities that promote personal growth and self-awareness. This can include workshops on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and stress management. Employers can also encourage employees to seek out support from colleagues, mentors, or mental health professionals.

Creating a positive and healthy workplace culture that prioritizes mental health is crucial for both employers and employees. By prioritizing the mental health of employees and providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive, companies can boost productivity, reduce turnover rates, and create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

One simple thing you can encourage your employees to do today is to make a list of things that gives them a sense of Peace, Purpose, and Pleasure/Play, then encourage them to schedule moments of these three elements in their monthly calendar.

If you wish to have a winning company culture, then why don’t you also look at your strategy and see if there is enough Peace, Play and Purpose schedule in your company’s goals for the year ahead?

Perhaps it is time to arrange that long thought of away-day for your teams to reconnect and walk away feeling energised and filled with a renewed sense of purpose to achieve their goals.

Lynn Erasmus is a Third Culture Individual, and a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, journalist & speaker, shifting the audience from a place of fear to curiosity. She connects leaders and management with their teams, by helping them understand their core values, vision and team strengths and then bringing them together to achieve their shared goals through Cultural IQ. She delivers these outcomes through interactive keynotes, fun away days, focused masterclasses & training, and in-depth coaching sessions. As the Founder of SYMBL CIC, she is a fierce advocate for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equality and Belonging, where she helps companies to adapt their company culture to become innovative and sustainable global leaders.


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