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Falling in love with your brand

Falling in love with your brand

By Lynn Erasmus

Can you remember the first time that you saw your crush in school? You just knew it was the one, didn’t you? Your heart was beating wildly, your palms were sweaty, and you couldn’t breathe without shouting.

Then the anguish when you don’t see him at school every day? Do you remember what you did next?

You stalked him.

Let’s just admit that ok, most of us stalked our crushes when we were younger, if you didn’t do that, just have my back, and tell me it is ok, we all wished we did that…

You would find out who his friends at school were, which path he took home every day and even what sport he did, just in case you could accidentally bump into him.

The same principle applies when you start your business. It was love at first sight and you couldn’t eat, sleep, or do anything except think about your business idea. Much like your lover, you would research your potential clients and find out what they want, and how they like it and figure out how you could be of service to them.

Then came the next fun part…

Reaching out.

Can you remember the first time you reached out to a potential new client? Your heart was racing, your palms were sweaty, and your mouth was as dry as the Sahara Desert, sounds a lot like the time you were having a young love panic attack, right?

Remember what you did next?

You did it anyway.

You pushed through the fear and sent that well-researched proposal or email and then wait…

The silence was deafening, it’s been two days, so you send him a gentle reminder. Four days later and still nothing. So, you phone and left a message and before you know it, a week has passed without a response.

By this time, you look like the Madhatter who had a tea party with 3-year-olds. Your hair was a mess, your table was covered in sweety wrappers, and your eyes were twitching every time a new spammy email came through. Then on day 8, you decide, “That’s it”, that customer was never worth working for anyways, who wants to do work for a person who doesn’t even respond to their emails right – selfish git.

You get dressed to impress and you put all your best content on your LinkedIn and Facebook pages, you attend networking events and make sure your dream client’s competition is there and offer them an even better deal than you proposed to him/her, and they actually respond to your email and one week later you have your contract.

What happened here?

You realised your own worth.

You knew what you had to offer was of great value, you knew that you could do the work better than anyone else and you loved what you do.

Did you see that? 

You loved what you do, and you showed passion, commitment, and confidence to get the job done because you loved what you do.

Five quick-fire tips to help you fall in love with your brand again.

You realised your own worth.

  1. Know your Superpower/USP/ X factor?

Why you and not your competitor? Do you remember your butt-kicking attitude when you started your business, you just knew that you were the best in the industry, because …. Why? Why were you different, was it your techniques, your method, your personality, or your unique insight which set you apart from everyone else? Now flaunt it. Tell the world, why you are different and why they should work with you. Find something that is unique and catchy.

  1. Remember your why.

Why did you want to start your business? What was the problem that you were passionate about? Can you remember the feeling of excitement, nerves and even fear of starting your business? What made you do it? I am sure it was not easy, what was the final deciding factor for you to launch your business? Remember those pain points you were amped on getting solved for your customers, solve them.

  1. What are the results?

What do your clients experience once you did the work for them? How do they feel, look, or think differently after working with you? If you don’t know this, ask. Ask for honest feedback and you will be amazed at what they have to say about you. This can be a good example to find a tagline for your company, a title so to say. I used Creating Extraordinary Outcomes instead of CEO back in the day, what is yours? You should use these as testimonials for new clients too.

Remember your brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room.

  1. What’s in it for them?

Your customers should feel like VIPs when you deal with them. How can you better serve them? Do you respond to emails quickly, do you answer your calls, do you do the work and deliver it in the timeframe that you promised? Do you communicate processes, timeframes and delays to them? Do they feel like you care about them? If you can remember that the customer is always king, you will be in business for much longer than your competitor who is only in it for the money.

  1. Do something nice.

If you are struggling to get clients or not feeling of value, then help a charity out. There are no better endorphins than showing kindness to others. Who can you help today and make a difference in their lives? Yes, you could get publicity out of that, that is up to the charity you support, but you should do it from a place of love.

So next time you feel frustrated that you are not being appreciated, straighten your crown and celebrate yourself. The more you love what you do, and it shows, the more clients you will attract and that means – more ka-ching in your bank account. So, get out there and own your turf, do what you love, be darn amazing at it and never forgot your own worth.

Lynn Erasmus is a Third Culture Individual, and a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, journalist & speaker, shifting the audience from a place of fear to curiosity. She connects leaders and management with their teams, by helping them understand their core values, vision and team strengths and then bringing them together to achieve their shared goals through Cultural IQ. She delivers these outcomes through interactive keynotes, fun away days, focused masterclasses & training, and in-depth coaching sessions. As the Founder of SYMBL CIC, she is a fierce advocate for Inclusivity, Diversity, Equality and Belonging, where she helps companies to adapt their company culture to become innovative and sustainable global leaders.


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